6 Till 7 Productions, LLC, comprises of three veteran producers who left major labels, but continues to help recording artists and talent alike bypass the traditional means and politics of the industry without compromising the people we help. When asked where the name of the company comes from, co-owner Jomar “Feel Drummin’” Manigault says, “The name comes from the story of Creation.” Putting God first, he goes on to say, “For six days of the week, we work hard for our clients and on the seventh day we ‘rest’.’

Tiffany “Winter Storm” Bolado, co-owner, producer, and screenwriter for the organization says, “6 Till 7 Productions, LLC creates music and soundtracks for corporations, as well as film, radio, television outlets, commercials and collaborates with artistic minds. We make music that brings their ultimate vision to life.” Winter Storm’s reach is global. She helps artists express their musicality and sidestep challenges that might stifle their creativity, core values - and their voices.

Winter Storm goes on to say, “For the past 20 years, I have been working in the entertainment industry. In that time, I saw things that, quite frankly, no one else should have to experience. I heard stories, but I did not give them a second thought, until I experienced them myself. No one should have to walk in fear to be in the industry or to express their art freely.”

Her passion to create a safe environment for all to create began when she founded the label, Sucio Entertainment, LLC in 2000. There she worked with other labels, including Block Royal Latino, Maybach Music Group Latino, and independent labels

In the Summer of 2019, Winter Storm decided to join forces with Feel Drummin, Curtis “19” Steele as 6 Till 7 Productions, LLC. Together the leadership team helps clients to balance commercial success while staying true to their identity and authenticity. Sucio Entertainment, LLC is now 6 Till 7 Productions’ official music label.

6 Till 7 Productions’ announces its brand-new web series, Beatz ‘N Eatz: The Cookup. This talk show is a cooking show mashup. Each episode features hot industry topics, current events, and music. The show involves interviews with artists and other industry talent who enjoy a great meal and fruitful conversation with the host, Feel Drummin. The series premieres in the Fall of 2020.