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With power and promise, this Chicago born, Houston based emcee delivers. As a writer and lyrist, Cyzle Blessed first surged onto the scene through her connection with the JAM gospel group in 2003 where she shared the stage with the likes of Yolanda Adams, and Shirley Caesar. In 2014, she crossed over from the sacred to secular perfecting her ever growing passion for crafting music that is real and relatable. Influenced by Busta Rhymes and Kelly Roland, she developed a strong passion for Rap music and began penning lyrics by fusing climactic beats with racy dance themes that move the crowd.

Over time, she began making mix tapes with various artists. This exposure would eventually gain the attention of producers J.Green from Michigan and Jakal Beats out of Tyler, Texas. The collaboration became her motivation to move on to produce a body of work that would sharpen her lyrical flow and step into the unknown. By combining traditional R&B and Rap influences, her internal fire inspired “Spot Light of Loyalty” an album about being real, allegiance to life, love, joy and freedom of expression.

As a headliner in 2016, Cyzle album debut at KoKo’s, a Houston venue drew a packed audience of 600 people. Dance tracks like “This is For The Ladies”, “Patty Cake” and “My Turn” sealed her foot print in the city as a Female Rap artist in the game and her verses have been captivating audiences ever since its release. The albums unapologetic fast paced anthems continue to uplift and stimulate fans at venues throughout Houston, South Carolina, Miami, Dallas and New Orleans.

After her showcase performance at the Grammy Museum in 2019, that magical moment proved to be a ground breaking opportunity that is pushing her to higher realms. In January of this year, Cyzle’s performance at Houston’s Annual Martin Luther King parade, in march as an opening act for Boosie Badazz, and now, with the July release of her current single, “ Shayke It Lou’s” is serving as actual proof of her unwavering style, lyrical agility and drive that keeps her fans wanting more. In the next phase, Cyzle’s creative career as a Rap artist will be sure to break new ground into recognizable territory. With new tour dates, and memorable music in the works, she is bound to rise and shine like a diamond.


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